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I know what it’s like to have a lot and lose it all. I know how it feels to lose confidence, blaming yourself for every financial setback. But my story doesn’t end there, in fact, this is where it all begins. You see it wasn’t until I learned how to block negative thoughts about myself, possessing a relentless desire to succeed and improve my life that I started to experience real change in my life. This one step led to helping thousands of others across the nation do the same. Since then I’ve authored several books including, FundaMENTAL W.E.A.L.T.H. Principles and bestseller, What Had Happened Was. I’ve also appeared on CNN over 400 times serving as a financial contributor, which allowed me to share my message with millions across the globe. My #1 goal is to see people free from burden, worry, stress and lack. This is why I continue to mentor, empower, guide and motivate people everyday to change negative mindsets about money, take control of financial matters and create new opportunities to earn more. In my signature series Think and Be Financially Free, I point out truths, dispel myths and provide important lessons most have never heard before, but will help achieve financial success based on your terms. I look forward to your success. So if you’re ready to have the life you’ve always wanted, I can guide you from where you are to where you desire to be!

What It’s Not…

  • It’s not about being a millionaire
  • It’s not about filling in numbers on a budget sheet
  • It’s not about waiting for something to happen

What It Is…

  • It is about being financially secure
  • It is about developing a plan of action that last
  • It is about making something happen
  • It’s not about financial literacy, but it is about empowerment restoration and change

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Mental Detox

My Financial Life Inc.

Creating A New Stream of Income

Everything starts in the mind, so managing your money is no different. You must believe you can succeed financially before you do. Mental Detox will help you rid your mind of negative thinking patterns and old baggage that hinders your progress. The Mental Detox will help you keep your financial worries, doubts and fears at bay and push you past your perceived limits.
My Financial Life Inc. will help you create a powerful plan of action that keeps you on path and focused on achieving your defined goals and objectives. What looks to be adversity is often opportunity. Fortunately, this program will show you how to incorporate new practices and thought process into every aspect of your life to seize opportunity and begin your journey towards financial change.
It’s time to create multiple streams of income to take control of your financial future. Create A New Stream of Income was designed to help you turn what you already do, have or know into cash. You will learn how to identify the resources you need to operate and manage your new stream of income for little to no money out of pocket. by creating a plan of action to achieve the success you desire.

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This book will help readers understand the “why” of money management, allowing them to change negative learned money behaviors. The techniques included will help foster a positive relationship with money and allow readers to adopt a new mindset and perspective regarding the true benefits and rewards of successful financial management. This book will explore concepts that directly relate to the reader’s financial life that ultimately plays a key part in their financial habits, attitudes, behaviors, and decisions.
What Had Happened Was gives new meaning to gaining something special. Here comes the deal of a lifetime and anyone can have it as long as they possess the right character and reputation worthy of the coveted prize of freedom. This is something that money can’t buy. Only your past decisions can get you close enough to victory. Do you have what it takes to experience the deal of a lifetime? What would you do to be free?
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